About us

Kathy & Dave both originate from England where we spent the first 40 years of our lives. But we were becoming fed up with the over crowding and congestion so in 2003 we moved to the Highlands.

In 2003 we built our present house, Beechwood Lodge, a 5 bedrom detached house that we have been running as a B&B

In 2006 we were blessed with the arrival of our daughter Frances.

A few years ago we made the decision that we wanted to retire from the hospitality trade and move down to a smaller 3 bedroom house. We were very fortunate to be able to acquire a building plot just 2 doors up the road from our presnt house, which is where we are currently building Willow burn, and the purpose of this blog.

If you might be interested in buying our present 5 bedroom detached house at Ardross near Alness in the Highlands the sales particulars are here