Garage / Workshop

Until now, the attached garage has been left open, unfinished, just used for storage of materials.  A lot of my tools and workbench have been in storage.

Now it has got to the point in the house where the space left “to do” means there is no longer enough work space in there, so it was time to get the garage organised.

The first thing was to close it off and seal it up. So I needed a garage door.  All the local suppliers had quoted me in the region of £1000 for an electric roller door, so I did some shopping around and got one for £505 from a company in England that I found on ebay.  That at last sealed the room from outside.


Inside, the walls have been lined with 2 layers of fireline plasterboard with staggered joints, taped and filled and painted.

This has allowed me to finally get all my stuff out of storage and organise the garage into a proper workspace again but still leaving room to get a vehicle in.


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