General bits and pieces

I write this post in the middle of the 2020 Covid-19 virus lockdown.  In spite of best efforts to order as much material as I could before the lockdown, not all of it arrived before the builders merchants shut down, and now I cannot buy any more materials.

so here we have a collection of jobs I have been doing, none completed, to use up what material I had left.

Starting with the En-Suite bathroom.  We did at least get the floor tiled.



And I have built a wooden unit that will house the counter top basin and give storage for towels etc


It will be painted and have a slatted shelf in the bottom.

The wall will be clad in multipanel.  That was ordered and I had got as far as making a cardboard template ready to cut the first multipanel when it arrived.


But the day before the delivery was due, the builders merchant shut. So that is as far as I can get with the en-suite.

So I did some internal joinery.  I managed to get a few lengths of various oak, and oak veneer and finish off the upstairs door frames by fitting the architrave




So that’s all the upstairs doors have architrave. Only the left one in the first picture has it’s proper door stop.  The landing and half landing have skirting board.

And that is as far as I can go with that job, no more architrave or skirting and the merchants remain shut.

So i did some outside work. Again I had rushed out and bought some wood ahead of the shutdown.  I have been working on some decking outside the back door.




This provides access to the back door, a small seating area, bin storage, and underneath the deck is storage for my scaffold planks.

And like everything else I have been doing, that is as far as I have got.  I can’t get any more wood to close in the plank storage, and complete the handrails.

So that is just about as far as I can get with all the merchants being shut.  Not a lot more will happen on this already slow house build until the merchants start to re open.

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