Heating and hot water

I have finally completed the heating system.

The source of heating is an Air Source Heat Pump.  This sits outside to extract heat from the air outside, and very broadly speaking, it consumes 1KWh of electricity for every 3KWh of heat it produces.

There is a bit of a story to this heat pump. I bought a new one, very cheap on ebay, but 11 months later when I went to try it, it did not work. After a long “discussion” with the supplier, they declined to repair the old one as it was an obsolete model, so instead they replaced it with a different make, which is the one we have now:


There are a few controls for this, and a circulating water pump located in the plant room inside the house.


This feeds upstairs and downstairs under floor heating manifolds.

Upstairs, just has heating in the bathroom and en-suite


Downstairs only one pipe circuit is connected at the moment, the kitchen / familly room. Later the pipes for the living room and utility will also be connected to this manifold.


And the hot water is provided by a large unvented hot water tank also heated by the ASHP



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