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A small community in the northern Highlands of Scotland
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Businesses in Ardross

This page lists all the businesses that I know of operating from Ardross, except for those providing holiday accommodation which are listed on a separate page.

If you want your business added to this page, or want an existing entry amended, see the notes at the bottom of the page.

R F Electronics
Beechwood Lodge
IV17 0XN

RF electronics undertakes all types of electrical and electronic work. Just about everything from a simple alteration to domestic wiring, to full re wiring and new installations. Also supply and erection of television aerials and satellite dishes, and a range of electronic services including circuit design, component sales and electronic equipment repairs. Also offered are software and website design services.

Telephone: (01349) 880204      Mobile: 07729 183918
email:    [email protected]

Arts in Motion
Easter Ross Farmhouse
IV17 0XW

Arts in Motion is a Multi-arts company who create their own productions as well as working with other companies, either collaborating or providing technical support to their projects. They can offer a wide range of services in the arts and in corporate events.

Telephone:  01349 880531
Email:      [email protected]
Cartoon Theatre Website:
Artistic Director  John McGeoch

Boner Engineering
Smithy House
IV17 0XW

Plant and Agricultural, Commercial and Marine, Generator - 4 X 4 - Trailers, Repair & Servicing (24 hrs)

Telephone: (01349) 8884819      Mobile: 07713 074763
Fax (01349) 883113

Tim Dearman Coaches
Inchnavie lower
IV17 0XL

Tim Dearman Coaches is our local coach operator. As well as providing private hire services they run a daily coach service from Inverness, up the west coast of Scotland to Durness and Smoo Cave, returning in the afternoon. This gives many possible places to stop and spend some time before returning, or take the journey all the way to see some of the best costal scenery that Scotland has to offer. View the timetable on their website.

telephone: 01349 883585    Fax: 01349 884193
email: [email protected]

J.S Simpson
Crannich Farm
IV17 0YD

Vetinary Surgeon.

telephone: 01349 882558

How to get your business listed here:

I will provide a free listing on this page for all businesses operating from Ardross. Those businesses offering holiday accommodation are also listed for free on a separate page on this site. A free listing comprises a simple text description of the business and what it offers, together with contact details, and a link to your own website if you have one.

If you want a more comprehensive listing, that might for instance contain photographs, or if you want me to create your own website, these are additional services I can help you with at a very competitive price.

Lastly if you are a business not in Ardross, but elsewhere in the Scottish Highlands and you want promoting on the internet, then consider joining the listing of "other highland businesses" on my website for a very modest fee.

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