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A small community in the northern Highlands of Scotland
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Accommodation in Ardross

This page lists all the different types of holiday accommodation that are available in and around Ardross.

If you know of any accommodation in Ardross not listed here, please see the notes at the bottom of the page.

Beechwood Lodge B&B
IV17 0XN

Beechwood Lodge offers comfortable B&B accomodation from our new home in a quiet secluded location in Ardross. We have just two rooms to let, one twin and one double, both with en suite facilities. There is a residents lounge, ample off road car parking, and clothes drying facilities.

We also offer guided hill walking and mountain bike hire as optional extra services.

Telephone: (01349) 880204
email:    [email protected]

Greenacre B&B
IV17 0YD

Greenacre is a small, warm and welcoming bed and breakfast offering a diversity of services and products to enhance your holiday stay and make your time in the Highlands most memorable. Greenacre is so named because it stands in an acre of beautiful, landscaped gardens which our visitors are invited to share.

One of Greenacre's specialities is its ability to provide a secure and safe environment for your pet so that you may enjoy your holiday together. Please note we have two resident dogs, Bonnie (King Charles Spaniel) and Sandy (cross Collie/Alsatian) both of whom are gentle dogs who love visitors. We also have a delightful white mouse named "Wizzy" who has proven a great attraction for children and adults alike.

Our garden, once the gates are closed, is completely secure so pets may roam free (this does not include Wizzy!). The areas immediately around the house are forested and "Walkers Welcome" sign posts invite you to adventure into them. A suitable package can be organised to include feeding, exercising, housing and care for your pet whilst you enjoy some of the delights of the area where animals are not permitted.

Telephone: 01349 882207
email: [email protected]   website:

Self Catering:
Braentra Mill,
Easter Ross
Accommodation: 4/6 - 2 twins, 1 sofa bed.

This traditional detached stone Mill is situated on a working hill farm in a semi-isolated position, six miles from the main road, and surrounded by moorland and forest and edged by the Blackwater River. A nearby steading is utilised at certain times of the year for lambing, dipping and shearing.

Website and booking information: Finlayson Hughes

Self Catering:
Stittenham Cottage

The cottages were originally the stables of a coaching house, built in 1833, by the Duke of Sutherland. The stables have been tastefully renovated to form a one bedroom and a three bedroom cottage. The one bedroom cottage comprises a well-equipped kitchen/sitting area with bedsettee and bathroom on ground floor. The bedroom is upstairs with a double bed, which can be altered to two single beds if required. The three bedroom cottage sleeps 6 guests it has one double room and one twin room upstairs. Double room, dining room, lounge, kitchen and bathroom are on the ground floor.

Website and booking information: stittenham cottage

How to get your holiday accommodation listed here:

I will provide a free listing on this page for all forms of holiday accommodation operating from Ardross. A free listing comprises a simple text description of the accommodation and what it offers, together with contact details, and a link to your own website if you have one.

If you want a more comprehensive listing, that might for instance contain photographs, or if you want me to create your own website, these are additional services I can help you with at a very competitive price.

Lastly if you are a business not in Ardross, but elsewhere in the Scottish Highlands and you want promoting on the internet, then consider joining the listing of "other highland businesses" on my website for a very modest fee.

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