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A small community in the northern Highlands of Scotland
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Photographs of Ardross

This page shows some photographs of Ardross. Below are small views of each photograph together with a description. To see a photograph full size just click on it.

In due course I will take some more photographs and add them to this page.
I also welcome photographs from other contributors. If you have a photograph of the area, old or new, that you own the copyright to, and that you are happy to have posted on this page, then please contact me.
I apologise that a couple of my own photographs are rather poor quality

Panoramic view of Ardross area Panoramic view looking north from Cnoc Fyrish showing the setting of Ardross. To the left is Beinn Tharsuinn, the start of the northern Highland mountains. Ardross is in the centre of the picture.   To the right are the towns of Alness and Invergordon on the Cromarty Firth.     Dave Hewitt May 2003. 6272 X 580 pixels. 114688 bytes
View near my home View to west from behind the Castle
Inn, Dave Hewitt October 2002.
1500 X 520 pixels. 108718 bytes
Snow scene from Stittenham Sunrise and Snow from Greenacre,
Stittenham, Brian & Olly Jan 2003
1000 X 750 pixels. 78671 bytes
View towards Lealty in summer looking over to Lealty from the road to Dublin. Derek Spence
700 X 465 pixels. 77817 bytes
View towards Lealty in winter The same view in winter conditions.
Derek Spence
700 X 460 pixels. 33314 bytes
View north from Beechwood Lodge View to the north from Beechwood Lodge Dave Hewitt March 2003
900 X 587 pixels. 57360 bytes
View south from Beechwood Lodge View to the south from Beechwood Lodge Dave Hewitt March 2003
984 X 624 pixels. 63192 bytes
Ardross Church Ardross Church,
Dave Hewitt March 2003
1000 X 642 pixels. 68060 bytes
Ardross community hall Ardross Community Hall,
Dave Hewitt March 2003
823 X 537 pixels. 69471 bytes
view over Strath Rusdale View from Cnoc a Mhadaidh over Strath Rusdale to Loch Morie and Ben Wyvis beyond. Dave Hewitt May 2003, 1000 X 691 pixels. 45247 bytes River Averon River Averon at Cuillich.
Dave Hewitt March 2003
(taken in poor light conditions)
904 X 600 pixels. 48528 bytes
Glen Glass Glen Glass from Novar wind farm. Colin Martin Summer 2003,
1024 X 768 pixels. 75086 bytes
Loch Morie Loch Morie from Novar wind farm. Colin Martin Summer 2003,
1024 X 768 pixels. 106496 bytes
Cuillich Beechwood Lodge and Cuillich from the air. Stewart Milne July 2008,
2276 X 1548 pixels. 300556 bytes
cuillich Beechwood Lodge and Cuillich
© Copyright Richard Webb and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

To find some more photographs of Ardross, and many other photographs of northern Scotland take a look at David Kratz excellent website Northern Sights

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