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Components for sale     Component lists last updated 3rdFebruary 2008

I have a large stock of Electronic components of all types built up over many years, mainly for my own use. Included in this are many unusual or obsolete components and also many industrial control or switchgear components.

In many cases the stock I have far exceeds what I am likely to ever use myself, so it is this surplus that is being offered for sale. The following pages list my current stock sorted by component type. If a common value is missing from the list, it means I don't have any surplus of that value. Please be aware that all components are new and unused (unless stated) but many have been in stock for a long time.

Prices are indicated on the lists. In most cases these are typically less than half the current normal price for similar components. All items are available while stocks last, and won't be re stocked when exhausted. Where known I have listed the RS or Farnell stock number so you can compare my price with the current list price.

I have to insist on a minimum order value of 5, which will normally inlcude postage to mainland UK, except on some heavy items. Prices indicated are approximate, and do not form an offer to sell at that price and I reserve the right to alter prices at any time. I can only accept orders by post with payment by cheque, but before ordering you can contact me by going to the Contact information page to confirm availability and for a firm quote. I only have a small turnover, so there is no need to add VAT to any of the prices listed. Callers are welcome but only by appointment.

To view the component lists, click on one of the hyperlinks at the top of this page

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