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Scotland Flag View near the webmasters home in Ardross   The Ardross website
A small community in the northern Highlands of Scotland
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This site is owned and operated by Dave and Kathy Hewitt. It serves to advertise and describe the village of Ardross, it's community and businesses.

If you have an enquiry about one of the businesses or accommodation providers, please contact them directly using the details provided with their descriptions. Please tell them that you found out about their services on this website.

It is hoped that others in the community will help with the running of this website, or provide information to be added to the site. I am particularly keen to be provided with information on activities taking place within the community or in the village hall.

To contact us, please do so in the first instance by email to the following address: [email protected] (anti spam measure, copy and paste email address)

Alternatively you can fill in the form below and submit your query directly from this page. Please remember to fill in your email address, name and subject in the boxes provided. After submitting the form, press your browser's Back button to return here.

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