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Current stock of Transformers, Ferrites, Coils etc:

Transformers. The following transformers mostly have high voltage windings, Suitable maily for valve power amplifiers etc. They are mostly used, and quite old. They represent a range of transformers that would be hard to obtain today and may be of interest to radio amateurs, of for restoration of valve equipment. They are all heavy, so are most suitable for collection (by appointment). No prices are given, all open to offers: Primary 200-240V. Secondary windings 550,0,550V unknown current, 2.7V @m [email protected], 6.3V @ 6A, 6.3V @ [email protected] and 4V @ 1A size 135mm X 160mm X 170mm, weight 9Kg, make unknown. Primary 210-230V. Secondary windings 450,400,0,400,450V @ 250mA, 0, 4, 6.3V @ 4A twice and 0, 4, 6.3V @ 3A twice size 110mm X 130mm X 160mm, weight 6Kg, make Gardners Primary 210, 240V. Secondary windings 350,0,350V @ 120mA 0,3.15,6.3V @ [email protected], size 120mm X 100mm X 110mm, weight 3Kg Input 250V, Output 110V 50VA isolating transformer, Enclosed windings, size 120mm X 70mm X 85mm, weight 1.6Kg, almost new. Auto transformer, tappings 0, 110, 120, 240V @ 150VA, Enclosed windings, size 120mm X 80mm X 110mm, weight 2.6Kg, almost new. Auto transformer, tappings 0, 110, 120, 240V @ 500VA, Enclosed windings. size 120mm X 140mm X 140mm, weight 6Kg, almost new. RS 207-150. Input 0, 120, 240V, Output 0,15V plus 0,15V @ 20VA weight 0.8KG. Brand new and boxed. Input 110,220,240V, Output two windings each 6V, 1A weight 0.4Kg make BBH Windings.
Ferrite choke formers. Small lengths of ferrite rod, with two unconnected leadout wires. For winding custom RF chokes: Length 8mm diameter 3mm Similar to RS 232-9684 2p each Length 12mm diameter 3.5mm Similar to RS 232-9690 2p each
Ferrite dual aperture cores type 9A1A26948 8.3mm X 5.85mm, two holes diameter 3.4mm Simiar to RS 212-0594 for winding transformers, baluns etc 20p each
Ferrite beads, Length 5.5mm diameter 4mm single hole dia 1.2mm for parasitic suppression etc 1p each
Open air spaced self supporting coils. Diameter 6mm length 14mm 21 turns of 0.6mm enamelled copper wire 1p each
Rigid coils. 9.5 turns of 0.6mm diameter enammelled copper wire on 7.5mm diameter plastic former with adjustable ferrite core 2p each
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