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Guided hill walking

We can offer you a guided hill walking service. Read on to find out more about walking in Scotland and what services we can offer:

Scotland, and in particular the Highlands, offers probably the best walking available in the United Kingdom. There's everything from low level strolls by lochs and rivers, to the Mountains and in particular the Munro's, the 3000 foot mountains of which there are 284. And there's just about everything in between. Something for all ages and abilities.

If you are used to hill walking in England or Wales, you will be used to reading maps, and following footpaths, usually signposted, because in the vast majority of England and Wales, the only legal right you have to walk in the hills is on public or permissive paths.

Scotland is a bit different. Access to the hills is, by tradition, allowed on most uncultivated upland area's. This makes hill walking here somewhat different. For a start you will find very few footpaths marked on Ordnance Survey maps, and far fewer signposted on the ground. Because all walkers are not forced to follow exactly the same path, you will often find when you reach the open hillside, you will not have easy paths to follow (except in some very popular area's) but rather you will have to do your own navigation. Finding your way onto the hillside can also be difficult in places.

With experience, most people come to love the freedom this gives you. Because people spread out and make their own routes, you will find that in general there's not so much of a problem of footpath erosion. But the walking and route finding can be much more challenging. That's where our guided walking service can help.

Dave and Kathy are both experienced hill walkers, and have much experience of walking in the Highlands, and other parts of the UK. We can accompany you on full or half day walks so you don't have to worry about route finding. You just have to enjoy the walking and take in the scenery and fresh air. Each day or half days walking will be tailored to your own requirements and abilities in terms of distance, height climbed etc. To ensure your safety we always carry appropriate maps, a first aid kit, Survival bags, a GPS receiver, a mobile phone plus a short length of climbing rope and equipment.

This service is mainly intended for guests who are staying with us. However, subject to availability we are able to offer this service to others even if not staying with us.

To find out more please contact me by going to the Contact Information page.

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