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A small community in the northern Highlands of Scotland
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Towns and villages near Ardross

The nearest town to Ardross is Alness, which lies about 3 miles south of us. It has an excellent website at Alness is a small town with a strong sense of community. Being our nearest town it provides our nearest shops for day to day requirements as well as pubs, hotels and restaurants.

Invergordon is our next nearest town. It has its own excellent website at Invergordon is smaller than Alness but again provides some shops, and other usefull facilities.

A little further still is the larger town of Tain. It boasts two websites: and Tain provides good shopping facilities, pubs, restaurants and other facilities.

Dingwall is another large town near us. It is probably the largest of the nearby towns, and provides a good range of shops and all aother facilities. It's website is at

Somewhat further away to the north east is the town of Dornoch. Again a good range of shops and other facilities. It has its website at

Strathpeffer is the well known victorian Spa village full of charm and a popular with tourists. It provides some shops, hotels and restaurants. Find its website at

Edderton is a small village a few miles to the north east of Ardross, not far from Tain. It has its own website at

The village of Evanton is our next nearest village, close to Alness. I have not yet found a website for Evanton

There is a general website that covers Ross-Shire in general at
and this one that covers Easter Ross

Of course this page wouldn't be complete without the mention of Inverness, widely regarded as the capitol of the Highlands, and certainly the largest city near us, some 23 miles south of Ardross. Inverness offers just about all you could want in terms of shops and other facilities. Several websites describe what this city has to offer: About Inverness (Ness web) Inverness

Another very usefull site that provides a great deal of information on the surrounding areas is the Ross-shire Black Isle Inverness Directory

You can find many more local community websites throughout Scotland at and throughout the UK at
and also at

For other towns and villages throughout the UK, try searching one of these:

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