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Capacitors Large Capacitors Resistors Transformers Ferrites coils
Semiconductors Miscalaneous Industrial control / switchgear Thermionic valves

Current stock of miscalaneous components:

Instrument cases / terminal boxes: Transformer case, Steel, ventilation slots, painted grey, size 180 X 89 X 80mm RS 220-513 (RS price 7.70) one only 4
Equipment fans: Pfannenberg PF2000EMC 119mm fan, mounted to EMC filter for snap fit into 127mm square cut out. RS 257-6486 new 30 80mm square plastic fan 24VDC, Farnell 635-327 new 5 Metal finger guards for 80mm square fan, Farnell 735-978 1 Plastic finger guards for 80mm square fan, Farnell 987-165 1 Metal finger guards for 119mm square fan 1 metal 119mm square wire mesh metal EMC filter guards similar to Farnell 593-667 3
Heatsinks etc: 4 deg C per watt Length 100mm Height 15mm Width 64.5mm RS 401-497 Unused & undrilled, a little scratched in storage 1.50 TO5 clip on heatsinks variety of types 10p Also I have a large box of used heatsinks, some quite large contact me by email if you have a specific requirement. TO3 plastic transistor covers RS 402-131 new 10p
Power supplies: Encapsulated PCB mount 110VAC I/P 5VDC 1A O/P RS591-534 new 15 Encapsulated PCB mount 110VAC I/P 12VDC 0.1A O/P RS591-607 new 10
Panel mount Fuse Holders Both 1 1/4" and 20mm sizes available solder termination 5p each
Plugs / Sockets etc: F type panel socket RS483-023 10p each F type socket / socket adaptor RS 483-051 10p each Afaptor BNC socket to RCA Phone plug 50p each 9 pin plug to fit into valve base (used) 5p each
Thermionic valves: I have a large box of assorted thermionic valves. Most are TV or radio valves. Included are some very old Octal base valves, some are even new and boxed. These are now catalogued on this page: Thermionic valves
Ceramic stand off insulators. 25mm diameter by 41mm long, Brass inserts in each end with tapped M6 by 8mm deep hole. Ideal for high voltage power supplies or similar projects, hard to find components today 1
Please check with me to confirm availability before ordering by going to the Contact information page.
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