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Television and Satellite TV aerial installation

I am able to offer a range of television and satellite TV aerial installation services including:

  • Installation of normal television aerials
  • Installation of television aerials for Digital Television reception
  • Multiple television installations and distribution systems
  • Repairs and upgrades to existing aerial installations
  • Hotel and guest house multi channel tv installation
  • Site surveys to establish availability of digital television at your location
  • Satellite dish installations or alterations including multiple satellite systems
  • Instalation and supply of "Free to View" digital satellite systems
  • Installation of radio or specialist aerials

A quick overview of Digital Television

Digital television is how television is evolving. As well as the existing 5 channels you get now, you will get several extra channels. There are two ways to receive digital television, either "Terestrial" which means with an ordinary television aerial, or from "Satellite" for which you require a satellite dish and a receiver.

Digital Terestrial

The new Digital television service was launched in October 2002 under the name of "Freeview". As it's name implies, it is still completely free. This new service gives you the existing 5 channels, plus another 20 or more new ones, making a total of 25 channels available. You will however need some extra equipment to receive this new digital television.

To use your existing television, you will need to add to it a "set top box" or "digital TV adaptor" These can be bought now for under 20

Most new televisions have "freesat" tuners built in so will receive digital television without needing a seperate receiver.

You will quite likely find your existing aerial is not adequate to receive digital television. There are many reasons why, but mainly because the new digital signals are weaker, and are broadcast from fewer transmitters than the existing analogue signals. I can help you here by bringing my own digital set top box and testing it on your installation to assess if it is adequate, and to recommend any upgrade work needed.

Many parts of the Highlands may never be able to receive terestrial digital television, for these areas, the solution is Digital Satellite:

Digital Satellite

Until recently the best way to get digital satellite television was to have a Sky system installed, these continue to be available, even for non subscribers. But you are forced to pay a Sky installer to fit the system for you, and there are certain restrictions such as having to keep the receiver connected to a telephone line.

A new service called "freesat" was launched recently to make it easier to get satellite television just for the free channels. You can now buy "freesat" receivers to work with an existing television, or even a new television with a "freesat" receiver built in.

Freesat receivers need to be connected to a satellite dish very similar to that used for sky reception. I am able to supply and install these for you.

I am happy to quote a cost for installation of your own system, or to supply and install a complete Free To Air satellite receiving system.

To find out more, or request a quote, contact me via the Contact information page.

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