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Other items for sale

From time to time, I may have some surplus items of electronic
equipment for sale, this page is where any such items are listed.
I may also list here some non electronic items from time to time.

VAX TurboForce bagless upright vacuum cleaner Little used and boxed as you would get it from the shop. 50
Portable folding stand with pipe / conduit vice For holding pipe or conduit up to 2" / 50mm diameter while threading or cutting. Similar to RS stock number 673-181 on page 5-919 of current RS catalogue. Current RS list price 223.81. My price just 25 but due to weight and size, purchaser must collect.
35mm camera's and accessories My collection of old 35mm cameras as described. All are believed to be in good working order and all have been used by me and taken good photographs, but none have been used for a while. I am open to offers either for individual items, or the whole collection: Edixa Reflex, SLR camera. Made by the West German company Wirgin Bros. Original Edixa 1:1.9/50mm auto lens (screw mount), Original instruction manual, and camera case. Zenit B SLR camera with Industar 3.5/50 lens (screw mount) and leather case. Cosmic 35 with fixed 4/40 lens. Not SLR (the original "point and shoot" camera?) with leather case. Pentacon 2.8/135mm lens, screw mount. Fits any of the above cameras (except Cosmic 35) with original packing box. Pentacon, set of three screw mount extension rings for close up photography. fits any of the above cameras (except Cosmic 35) with original packing box. Weston Master III cine exposure meter, with leather case.
Old PC's and PC components all used but in full working order unless otherwise stated: Compaq Deskpro 386N PC 120MB hard disk, Keyboard and mouse 10 IBM PS2 286 PC, hard disk, Keyboard and mouse 5 IBM VGA colour PC monitor 5 5 1/4" floppy disk drives 5 Standard full sized PC keyboards, 5 pin din plug terminated 2
Drawing board. A2 size table top model with parallel action slide. Offers invited.
for further details please contact me by going to the Contact information page.
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