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Website design services

I am available as a consultant to advise or work for you in any aspect of website design or implementation. This is a service that is available to anyone, anywhere. It is not necessary to live close to my clients or to meet them face to face, because web design is truly suited to "teleworking"

Today, it is easier than ever for any business or individual to have their own website to advertise and publish their services. Indeed a great many people now expect any company they deal with to have a website of some description.

It doesn't have to be expensive to have your own website. A simple crisp and clean site like this one, which can be used to clearly advertise what services you are able to offer, can be created very quickly and hence very cheaply. All you need to provide is the text and any pictures that you want on the site, and I can do the rest. You therefore don't need to employ an expensive IT specialist, nor do you need to learn any complicated programming languages. Your own website should be within reach of even the smallest of businesses.

Don't think you have to have just a simple plain layout like this one. The only limit is your imagination as to what information you want to show to people, and how you want it presented. Do be aware however that over complicated sites that are cluttered, have poor colours, or are simply too complex and hence slow to load, may be offputting to potential customers, rather than helpful.

As well as designing the website, you will need to find some web space on the internet to store your site so that everyone can view it. There are still many places that offer free web space, and I can advise you, and even configure your web space and upload the files for you.

Lastly you will need a domain name. That needn't be too expensive. For a simple personal site, you might simply get away with using the address of your free webspace host, by choosing the right host and a good user name you can get some quite acceptable "free" domain names. But for a business site it's much better to register and buy your own real domain name. That way it's permanent, and it's yours. Again the costs are not very high, and it's not difficult to do. I can do anything from advise you, to a full service of registering and administering your domain name for you.

To find out more, or request a quote for a particular service, contact me by going to the Contact information page.

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