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Capacitors Large Capacitors Resistors Transformers Ferrites coils
Semiconductors Miscalaneous Industrial control / switchgear Thermionic valves

Current stock of semiconductors:

Diodes: HPQSCH-1583 Small signal PIN diodes matched set of four 50p per set HP5082-3210 Small signal PIN diodes (large quantity) 5p each 1S4020A old style rectifier diodes 2p each Red LED's standard 3mm T1 package 5p each
Transistors: 40347 TO5 package, NPN Si, VCE 100V ICmax 1A Hfe 20 min Gen purpose, similar to BFY50 10p each 2N1613 TO5 package, NPN Si, VCE 50V ICmax 600mA Hfe 30/120 Gen purpose, similar to BFY50 10p each ZTX107 E-line, NPN Si, VCE 45V ICmax 100mA Hfe 125 min 10p each TIP51 TOP3 package NPN Si, VCE 250V ICmax 3A Hfe 30/150 40p each 2N3904 TO92 NPN Si, VCE 40V ICmax 200mA Hfe 100 min 10p each 2N3906 TO92 PNP Si, VCE 40V ICmax 200mA Hfe 100 min 10p each In addition I have limited stocks of some older transistors If you have a particular requirement contact me to see If I can help
Integrated circuits: LM317 voltage regulator in TO3 package 20p each 7805 TO220 +5V voltage regulator 30p each 7812 TO220 +12V voltage regulator 30p each Standard TTL / CMOS functions: 74HC08, 74HC14,74HC241, 74HCT406, 74LS374 all 10p each Analogue IC's: LM201, LM258N, OP290, CA1391E all 10p each M82C53-2RS 3 X 16b counter/timer RS 631-244 1 each I also have several unusual IC's as listed below. No prices are given, please contact me to discuss. In most cases I only have a few of each item. Where the function is known, I have stated. Amstrad 40007 Amstrad 40009 Amstrad 40028 Amstrad HA13408 Z80 CPU 74154 8051 microcontroller Juki 5520 CPU NPD 8155 HC2 Epson SLA5040COM WDC80286 CPU TH3L10 STK6982 STK7563FE Voltage regulator STK7554 Voltage regulator NEC PA1428H transistor array for printers Epson 812100 Slave CPU for FX80+ printers 8255AP-5 I/O peripheral for 8080 etc cpu's Motorola 13414500/0911 SIL mounted on heatsink block. RF Amplifier?
Please check with me to confirm availability before ordering by going to the Contact information page.
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