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Scotland Flag View near the webmasters home in Ardross   The Ardross website
A small community in the northern Highlands of Scotland
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Update Log

The Ardross website went live on 10th March 2003. This page lists the site's update history since June 2003. Earlier updates were not recorded.

16thJune 2009 LAll pages updated in order to move website to new web host.

11thFebruary 2007 Link to Ardross community woodland website added

26stNovember 2006 Some general changes in preparation for uploading to a new web host and in preparation for implementing the site's new web URL

8thMay 2006 Request for information about Ian Garrow's familly, and the Cuillich sawmill added to the community pages.

28thMarch 2006 Property wanted to let, added to the Community pages.

21stMarch 2006 Links to added.

5thJanuary 2006 Links to Northern Sights added.

14thOctober 2005 Link to Ross-shire Black Isle Inverness Directory added.

4thOctober 2005 Information about some events relating to National Tell A Story Day added to the Community pages

27thAugust 2005 Information about Volunteer Highland added to the Community pages

24thJuly 2005 Links added to some more Scottish websites on the Links page

8thApril 2005 Some of the details on the Accommodation page and businesses page have been updated.

22ndNovember 2003 Two pictures added to photographs page, both taken from the Novar wind farm by Colin Martin

21stNovember 2003 Details of Boner Engineering added to local businesses page

7thSeptember 2003 Link to Dingwall website added. Phone numbers for Beechwood Lodge and RF Electronics added

2ndSeptember 2003 A few bug fixes, and updated contact details for Beechwood Lodge

5thAugust 2003 Request for information about Edward White was added to the community pages. Requested by Linda Cook

1stAugust 2003 Article about the Heritage Lottery Fund and notification about the annual 'new audiences' event which will be held this year in Inverness on the 24th September 2003 was added to the community pages. Information provided by Helen Macdonald

26th July 2003 The link to the Scottish Parliament website was added.

9th July 2003 some minor corrections to the "What to do in and around Ardross" page

10th June 2003 Some more pictures added to the photographs page, in particular the panoramic view from Cnoc Fyrish.

7th June 2003 The visitor counter at the bottom of the home page was changed from to TheCounter.Com are about to discontinue their free counter and become subscription only.

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