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Mountain bike hire

The Northern Highlands of Scotland are a great place for mountain biking. There are many tracks into the hills and mountains that can be explored on a mountain bike. These are typically private estate tracks, which are open to walkers and cyclists, but not motorists. We can advise you where to explore, either on your own bike, or by hiring one of ours.

But mountain bikes serve another purpose as well. They provide easy access to the start of many mountain walks. Because the Northern Highlands cover such a vast area, with so few roads, you can often find that to walk up certain mountains, to reach the start of the walk you must first walk a long way along private tracks, which can be rather uninteresting on foot. Worse still at the end of the day your weary feet must carry you back along the same uninteresting track.

Far better is to use a mountain bike to "ride in" to the start of your walk. You can then leave the bike there while you walk up your chosen mountain and back again. Then at the end of the day, it's much better to give your weary feet a rest as you cycle back to your car. Using a mountain bike in this way opens up many more mountains for walking.

Many people will bring their own bike with them. We are quite happy for you to do that. But not everyone owns their own mountain bike, or wishes to carry it on their car. And those used to just walking may have never considered the benefits of owning a mountain bike to make accessing the start of a walk easier.

That's where we can help. We have just a few mountain bikes available for you to hire by the day or half day. You can hire them to explore on your own, or as part of our guided walking service.

This is initially intended to be a service offered to guests staying with us but we might also, subject to availability, hire our bikes to others staying elsewhere (a deposit would be required).

To find out more please contact us from our Contact Information page.

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