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Industrial control / switchgear:

I have a small quantity of industrial control components and
Switchgear. Some items are used and some new as stated.  All are
offered at a substantial discount to the new list price. Those 
described as used were built into control panels and then removed
due to a change in specification, so have only seen brief if any
actual use.

Siemens S7 PLC components: All Siemens Step 7 PLC components, CPU's, I/O modules and programming
tools are now listed in more detail on their own page here
Contactors / Control relays: Telemechanique LC1 D2501 110VAC coil 3 main contacts 1NC aux used 5 Telemechanique LC1 D3201 110VAC coil 3 main contacts 1NC aux used 6 Telemechanique CA2DN40 control relay 110VAC coil 4NO contacts new 8 Old type Telemechanique LP1-D123 4 pole 10A 24V DC coil ex equip. 2
Control circuit transformers: Toroidal 300VA primary 2X 115V secondary 2X 0-55V RS257-5247 new 15 Enclosed 60VA primary 230V secondary 2 X 115V RS278-7068 new 10
Mains EMC filters All with screw terminals for input and output: Schafner FN351-36-33 3 phase 440V AC @ 36A used 50 New sale price 30. Schafner FN256-36-47 3 phase 480V AC @ 36A RS 262-9928 used 40 New sale price 25.
Auto transformers, enclosed, screw terminals: 230 / 115V 50 VA new 10 230 / 115V 500 VA new 20
relays: Entrelec din rail 24V AC/DC coil 1 C/O contact RS 184-5501 used 5 Phase sequence / failure relay with timer RS 184-5848 used 20 PILZ PNOZ 3 safety relay used 50
24V DC flourescent light fitting (cabinet light) RS 293-5914 new 10
Industrial power supplies: Phoenix CM62-PS-120AC/5DC 115V AC input 5VDC @ 1A output used 10 Phoenix CM62-PS-120AC/12DC 115V AC input 12VDC @ 1A output used 10 G12-10 Farnell 725-407 230V AC input 12VDC @ 10A output used 50
Digtal LED counter panel mount, Kubler Codix 548 RS 348-1474 new 50 New sale price 30.
Please check with me to confirm availability before ordering by going to the Contact information page.
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