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Scotland Flag View near the webmasters home in Ardross   The Ardross website
A small community in the northern Highlands of Scotland
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About the webmaster

This website has been conceived and implemented by Dave Hewitt. It went live on 10th March 2003.

Originally the website was just hosted on a free web server with the domain name [email protected] But in late 2006 that service became unuseable and I had to find an alternative. The solution was to purchase the domain name Ardross.Net which is now in use for this site. If you find any sites still linking to the old address, please advise their owners to update their links.

My wife Kathy and I moved to Ardross in mid 2003. I noticed while researching about Ardross and the surrounding area, that there was no community website for the village, although some other nearby towns and villages already have their own community websites. So I set about creating this site specifically about Ardross, it's people and community, and it's businesses.

I have modelled the site on the other websites I have previously created, most notably the community website of Drayton st Leonard which is a small Oxfordshire village where I lived for 13 years prior to moving to Ardross, and my other websites and that advertise the businesses that Kathy and I will be running from Ardross. They all share the same style, and a lot of the initial content of this site comes from my other websites.

It is my hope that others in the community will help with the running of this website and help it grow. Most notably by providing me with information about the community and activities in and around the village. Contributions large or small are most welcome from everybody.

Lastly let me say this website is run privately as a hobby and the (minimal) running costs are funded by myself. If you would like me to help create or maintain your own website, then contact me for a competitive quote.

If you want to take a look at the page all about our self built house here in ardross, look at Building Plot

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