Driveway Tarmac completed.

Since the start of the build, just the first part of the driveway had it’s base coat of tarmac. The rest has been as dug or similar hardcore throughout the build.  Now the heavy work is done time to finish it off and get it all looking pretty.

First thing is to dig out and concrete in a drainage channel that runs at the bottom of the driveway slope before it levels out on the concrete parking area.

Drive_3 Drive_2 Drive_1

At the same time I was re levelling and compacting the hardcore base, adding more where needed, and concreting around a drain cover.

Then we got quotes for the tarmac to be laid.  Selected a well known local contractor and told them they have the job.  Then we waited and waited.  The only communication we had from them was a phone call to say they are still too busy and don’t have a slot for us in their schedule yet.

At that time Kathy found another contractor advertising on facebook.  We gave them a call, they came and looked, quoted the same price as the original contractor.  “When can you do it”?  “How about Thursday this week.  So of course we said yes.

And here is the finished result, for the first time the entrance to the house is looking smart. And it won’t descent into a boggy muddy mess each winter as the rainwater soaked into all the hardcore turning it to mush.

Tarmac_1 Tarmac_2

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